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Puppy and dog training is a great way to build the bond between you, and a strong bond is the key to good behaviours. We aim to help your dog to become a calm and polite member of your family, by encouragement and rewards.   In all our 121 sessions and classes, we teach your dog a variety of behaviours that are important for day to day living (eg. settle, sit, eye contact and focus, walking nicely on the lead, leaving items when asked and recall), but also important life skills such as being handled and knowing how to be calm.

We use the clicker/marker and reward method, which is easy for your dog to understand when they have done well, and encourages them to repeat the good behaviour – it really is the most effective method of dog training.

Below are details for our 121 training packages, classes, workshops and specialist sessions.

If you are busy and struggle to commit to a regular hour each week, have a dog that is nervous or shown aggression to another dog, or just have specific issues or behaviours you need advice on, then 121 training is for you. Suitable for puppies as well as newly rehomed dogs, the training takes place in their safe place – your home.   We can advise on the best ways to help your new dog settle in and we run the sessions at your pace.  All the training is bespoke and tailored to you and your dog and are generally held at your home although if appropriate, sessions can be held in public areas for real-life practice.

We offer a Pay As You Go option – book one hourly session at a time and see each time if you need to book more with us.

We also provide pre-booked packages so you can get a discount on the cost – you need to advise us in advance if you want a Top Dog package (5 x 1 hour sessions) or a Smart Dog (3 x 1 hour sessions).  We recommend that these are used within a 3 month period to get the best out of the training and to help continuity for your dog.


Pay As You Go:     £ 55 per hour

Top Dog (5 sessions):               £ 260

Smart Dog (3 sessions):           £ 155

Puppy Life Skills Beginner Class

Our puppy course is suitable for pups under the age of 20 weeks at the start, and runs for 6 weeks. Each class is 45 minutes and limited places, so that you can get the most from the class. As well as teaching the pups the foundations to listening to you, loose lead walking, recall, leave it, eye contact, stay in place and to settle by your feet, we also discuss common puppy problems such as house training, puppy biting, what is socialisation, not jumping up and confidence towards novel experiences.

Cost:   £ 85

NEXT PUPPY COURSE: Bramley Village Hall at 10.30am from 18 January 2020

Adult Novice Class

This course is designed for beginner dogs over the age of 5 months and runs for 6 weeks. It is designed for dogs who may be recent rescues, or dogs that have not had any training before. Our training helps to build the bond between dog and owner and will cover many basic behaviours such as attention and eye contact, sit, down, stay, lead walking and coming back to you. We also discuss common problems such as jumping up.

This class is not suitable for dogs that have shown any aggression – for these we recommend 121 training in the safety of your home.

Cost:   £ 85

Next course to be released.

Intermediate Class

This class is suitable for dogs that have gone through our puppy beginners class, adult novice class or undertaken puppy 121 training with us, and are over the age of 5 months.

As the next stage in their education, this class progresses the skills learnt with increasing distractions around them, as well as introducing new behaviours and skills.

Cost: £85 for  weeks


Dogs LOVE to use their noses, so this class is great for tapping into that instinct.  Their nose also has the most connections to their brain so it does tire them out too, without physical exertion.  During the scentwork classes, your dog will use their sense of smell to identify and locate specific scents it has been trained to detect.  As the handler, you will learn to read your dog’s body language and it will increase the bond you have together.

Jo is a recognised Scentwork UK trainer and the classes will set you up for Scentwork UK Trials, should you wish to take part.

The Beginners course is run over 8 weeks and will start you searching a variety of objects (that are also used in the trials).

Intermediate course, and scent workshops will be hosted soon.

Cost: £145 for 8 weeks

We also run Introduction to Scentwork Workshops (£40 for up to 2 hours).  Please check the calender for next available dates.

If you are soon to collect your new puppy, then we can help prepare your home for their arrival, and give you lots of advice and tips to help them settle in from the first night as well as guidance to get the essential training started – toileting outdoors, introducing the household and other pets, and teaching any children about living with puppies.

Cost:   £ 55

Loose Lead Walking

Does your dog pull on the lead? Are walks becoming a struggle? We teach reward based methods that gets your dog thinking that the best place is by you even as you walk.

Cost:   £ 25

Scentwork – Beginners Introduction

This workshop is up to 2 hours, and will get your dog to start searching for food in and around various items and objects.  This is an excellent taster to see if you are interested in taking up this great sport – dogs LOVE using their noses, they need to use their brain and tires them out too!

Cost: £40

Tricks training

Improve your training skills with this fun class that will certainly teach your dog some great tricks – ideal to show off to friends!


Using reward based clicker training, we can help you get your dog to accept and even enjoy brushing, handling and preparation for vets or groomers visits.

Whilst all training sessions give important consideration to dog behaviour, more complex training needs or behavioural issues will require a different approach.

Please get in touch to discuss any specific behaviour problems you may be experiencing.

Coming soon…..

Register to join our new Training Club.  You pay a monthly subscription and join a group training session per month on a regular day.  Each month, we will do something different, for example, scentwork, tricks training, games, skills and more.  Or you can request some skills practice.

Dates and local venue to be confirmed soon, but you can register your interest by using the ‘Get In Touch’ form.

Current Activities and Classes:

Puppy Beginners

Bramley Village Hall, Saturday mornings:

Course starting 18th January  at 10.30am – FULL

Chilworth Village Hall, Wednesday evenings:

Course starting 19 February at 7pm – Spaces available

Scentwork Beginners

Bramley Village Hall, Saturday mornings

Course starting 11 January at 9.30 am – FULL

K9 Toy Swap night

Chilworth Village Hall (GU4) – Wednesday 22nd January 7-8.30pm £5 entry

One off special night – bring your unwanted (but good condition/clean) dog toys and swap with others that have arrived.  Any unwanted/unused or too difficult/easy dog toys and try out others.   There will also be some demo tug and chaser toys from Tug-E-Nuff so you can find out what your dog likes before you order (discount code available on the night).

An Evening With Your Dog

Chilworth Village Hall (GU4) – Wednesday 29th January 7-8.30pm £10 entry

Enjoy some one on one time with your pup, engage in some bonding activities, chat with local owners and have us on hand to answer questions you may have.  Tea/coffee provided.  A great alternative to a walk in the dark/cold night!

Having never had a dog before, we thought it a good idea to get some friendly advice. Jo came and visited us a few days before our labradoodle puppy Marty arrived and got us well and truly prepared. Then, after a few days his training began. It was amazing and we can’t thank Jo enough. We shall definitely see her for a top up as he grows. Clever dog training worked brilliantly for our puppy and us!
Gail and Marty, The Labradoodle
We contacted Jo at Pippin Pet Services after we re-homed a one year old Dachshund. We didn’t know too much of the behavioural history or what training had been completed in the past. With Jo’s help we were able to address a few little issues and begin building on his training, session by session. Each lesson was informative and tailored to our specific needs. We now have a very happy, well behaved little dog who is a great addition to our family. Would definitely highly recommend Pippin Pet Services.
Robin and Ferdie, The Dachshund
Having had a Cairn before I knew they could be a challenge to train and so when our 9 week Cairn puppy arrived I soon realised I needed help. Jo from Pippin Pet Services was just the help we needed. As I cannot drive pet training was always going to need to be local. So what is more local than the training coming to your home! Brilliant! My dog and I were on familiar ground and Jo could see the behaviour that I needed help with (mine and the puppy’s!). We had five tailored sessions which included the basics of recall and attention along with other fun stuff. The plan l have now is to go back to Jo to develop the training so that I and my young dog are better equipped to be responsible and polite in public. I recommend you give PIPPIN a go!
Graham and Barley, The Cairn Terrier