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My Training

I am committed to continue my knowledge and practical experience relating to dog training, and will choose the most appropriate courses and workshops that fit with my ethics of kind and modern training techniques, but ones that will also challenge and expand my thinking in a good way!

I’ve signed up to the APDT Code of Conduct, which has a strict code of only using kind, ethical and fair methods, as well as a member of the Pet Professional Guild (the association for force-free training).

I am proud to announce that I am currently undertaking the PACT training course (Professional Association of Canine Trainers) which on successful completion will lead to membership of the ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council).

So far, I have completed:

Clever Dog Company Method Training
Scentwork UK Train the Trainers Pts 1 & 2
Talk Dog Practical
Think Dog! through accredited Alpha Education
Chirag Patel Empowerment Heart and Mind Workshops
Craig Ogilvie Interactive Play Workshops
Amber Batson Seminars – Canine Abnormal Behaviours and Fearful Fido
Linda Case ‘The Science Dog’ workshops
Kamal Fernandez Reactive Dogs workshops
Separation Anxiety workshops


Member of the Pet Professional Guild UK
Approved Instructor with the Dog Training College
Pet First Aid
Lots of reading about dogs!

Having never had a dog before, we thought it a good idea to get some friendly advice. Jo came and visited us a few days before our labradoodle puppy Marty arrived and got us well and truly prepared. Then, after a few days his training began. It was amazing and we can’t thank Jo enough. We shall definitely see her for a top up as he grows. Clever dog training worked brilliantly for our puppy and us!
Gail and Marty, The Labradoodle
We contacted Jo at Pippin Pet Services after we re-homed a one year old Dachshund. We didn’t know too much of the behavioural history or what training had been completed in the past. With Jo’s help we were able to address a few little issues and begin building on his training, session by session. Each lesson was informative and tailored to our specific needs. We now have a very happy, well behaved little dog who is a great addition to our family. Would definitely highly recommend Pippin Pet Services.
Robin and Ferdie, The Dachshund
Having had a Cairn before I knew they could be a challenge to train and so when our 9 week Cairn puppy arrived I soon realised I needed help. Jo from Pippin Pet Services was just the help we needed. As I cannot drive pet training was always going to need to be local. So what is more local than the training coming to your home! Brilliant! My dog and I were on familiar ground and Jo could see the behaviour that I needed help with (mine and the puppy’s!). We had five tailored sessions which included the basics of recall and attention along with other fun stuff. The plan l have now is to go back to Jo to develop the training so that I and my young dog are better equipped to be responsible and polite in public. I recommend you give PIPPIN a go!
Graham and Barley, The Cairn Terrier